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Dec 30, 2012 5:00am PST
, the open bs that bun finds in san francisco, and just the -- having been here only in the past as a tourist, loving the time i spent in the bay area, it's good to come here. >> so i went to stanford as an undergrad and decided to become a rabbi based on the jewish community in the bay area and how vibrant and engaging it was for young adults so when i left to move to israel i always wanted to come back. and this is just an amazing opportunity to reconnect with friends and mentors and i have a lot of family that lives in east basothat was also a real draw. >> so there's a lot of conversation in the community about how religion is relevant to the contemporary way of life. and certainly when we look at the san francisco bay area there's a lot of conversation about how does one's faith, how does one's spisht chalty actually integrate with all the different ways in which we understand life. social, action issues, it seems that at least in the state of california there's always at least one valid measure having to do with health care or social status, how individuals commit themselves to one anot
Dec 23, 2012 5:00am PST
and the history in the roman catholic church and the archdiocese of san francisco. so we have an order nation of two deacons coming up? >> we, 12 deacons june 24th at the cathedral. eight of the men are married. and they reflect the diversetive our archdiocese. three of them are spanish. >> and a lot of things that people don't understand if you count catholics in the ash of diocese of san francisco, about 41% of them are latinos. and about 17% of filipinos. and there are about 10% others. so we're a very diverse diocese. >> and we're excited about it as they are. the needs continue to grow. and the more that we can provide the ministry and the training, the support, the bertha we can serve the people of the archdiocese. >> how does a person become a deacon? you both said that you had different experiences in life first. but then what kind of a man is attracted to the deacon. how do they apply? >> i think that the path is different as there are individuals. so we have our stories whether it comes out of the early experiences in life or whether it's a recent calling to be served and through pa
Dec 2, 2012 5:00am PST
of a parish in san francisco, st. veronica's in south san francisco. welcome. >> thank you. >> father is indian. he is now with us permanently in the arch diocese. we are very thankful for that. of course he has a great knowledge and experience and history of india. i would like to start by welcoming you and thanking you. >> thank you. >> thanking you for all you do for people in the diocese. give us a history perhaps of how you got here to the united states. what kind of a journey was that for you? >> it has been a beautiful journey of discovery and also a sense of fulfillment for me. i originally came to the united states to do a ph.d degree at marquette university in milwaukee in american literature. my dissertation was on wallace stevens. >> oh, my. very good. excellent. >> then my family having moved to this country -- >> the reason you came because you got the ph.d, you told me you were originally a jerusalem ewe it. >> i was. >> then you became a diocese priest. >> yes. >> jesuits are involved in academics. that's why you got the ph.d. >> as the joke goes jesuits take the world
Dec 16, 2012 5:00am PST
the idea. candles, lights, all of that. if it gets you to the christ. >> the san francisco symphony is a beautiful series during december. all kinds of christmas music. >> let's come back to the move for christmas. you do this with howard thurman. >> i think we can talk about howard thurman when we come back. >> okay. thank you for being with us. and i hope you're with us this last segment. some juice! woman: it's gonna be good! she's excited. little bit of kale. please don't put this online. woman: i'm putting it all over the line! it's wet. it needs something. no, it'll go. woman: don't break my juicer! looks good. you ready to try it? woman: come on, baby! announcer: challenge your kids to be active and eat healthy. it's ok. it's ok! all right! announcer: they might surprise you. she took another sip. you saw it? announcer: search "we can" for more ideas on how you and your kids can get healthy together. >>> as we come to the end of our program back in august i interviewed dr. dorothy blake who is the pastor of church howard thurman's church that he founded back in 1944. he menti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4